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The Cost of Progress
Multimedia Print and collage
18" X 24" 

The Cost of Progress was created for the Cherry Bounce Show, A show of original art by more than 50 working artists. September 2016 through January 2017 at the William King Museum of Art in Abingdon, Virginia. Each Artist was asked to reflect on an American presidential election from history. I was assigned the 1912 election between Woodrow Wilson, Howard Taft, Theodore Roosevelt and Eugene V. Debs. I found many similarities between that election and the 2016 election in the personalities and mudslinging of the campaigns. I thought to bring that out by highlighting the issues that were sidelined or essentially paid for the progress that the candidates were so keen on achieving. Those issues are visible on the front layer of mylar, collaged like a frame onto the work: war, women's rights, poverty and racism. On the second layer of mylar you see the caricature portraits of Eugene V. Debs, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson based on their political reputations and affiliations. The final layer is a simple letterpress poster urging, as the candidates did, progress!

You can find the exhibition website at

Layers from back to front: Letterpress print on paper, woodblock print on mylar, collage on mylar.

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